In accordance with the law, lift installations are to be regularly examined and given the correct lift maintenance by appropriately qualified operatives.

Managers and property owners have a duty to visitors and residents to ensure the safe use of the relevant building and facilities, taking all necessary steps to make sure all lift installations have been treated to the highest standards of lift maintenance services, lift repairs and more. A1 Lifts set the standard for advanced maintenance services, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment.

A1 Lifts offer three maintenance packages from which you can choose the best package for your requirements.

In line with our standard lift maintenance services and lift repair timescales, we can guarantee a quick, efficient and highly professional solution.

LOLER 1998 states that lifting equipment supplied to both industrial and commercial properties should be of adequate strength and stability, and should make adequate provision for the safety of its users. A thorough examination and range of lift maintenance services should also be carried out every six months by competent and trained engineers in order to ensure there is as little risk of failure as possible.


We provide high-quality repair services and upgrades for all brands of lifts. When your lift breaks down we aim to repair it and return it to service as quickly and economically as possible to minimise down time.

With these quick and easy to install solutions we can maximise safety, reliability, eco-efficiency of your equipment and ride comfort of your equipment. We will recommend the most cost effective upgrade to ensure that the serviceable life of your lift is extended to its maximum.