Energy Saving ECO LIFTS

Specialists in providing elevators that can save you money


Eco-Friendly Elevators in Liverpool, Merseyside, the North West and Surrounding Areas.

We are specialists in providing elevators that can save you money in a number of ways, with the bonus of helping the planet!

Gearless Machine Roomless Control Board (MRL).

Machine Roomless Gearless lifts use up to 50% less energy than traction drive lifts and 70% less energy than a typical hydraulic drive lift.

50% of the energy used by an elevator can be recovered by a regenerative device.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights use 80% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than the usual halogen lights.

In general, 50%-70% energy savings can be achieved, along with full modernisation of the elevator.

By utilising an MRL, you’ll save on construction costs as this does not require a machine room to be built. This, in turn, means that this lift can be installed faster – again cutting installation costs.

As you no longer need a machine room, the architect has more flexibility with the building design.

With our new lifts, you can save on electricity bills and help the planet!


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