The Air Pure Elevator Air purifier has been specifically developed for lifts and other confined spaces. The unit quickly and effectively disinfects the air inside the lift car and perfectly supplements the existing cleaning regime in maintaining a safe and clean environment.

The GERMAGIC filter is an antimicrobial coating which gives ‘contact killing’, ‘release killing’ and ‘anti adhesion’ abilities to HEPA filters. GERMAGIC release reactive oxygen species in a controlled-manner resulting in the germicidal effect within the coating’s proximal area.

  • 99% Killing rate of Bacteria
  • 76 % Influenza virus removal rate
  • UV Catalyst sterilization – Kill virus and bacteria and avoid indoor spread of respiratory infectious diseases

If you would like further information regarding the Air Pure Elevator Air purifier, please call us on 0151 526 8833 or email us at [email protected]