There are many reasons to modernise lifts: Safety, Reliability, Compliance to Current Legislation, Appearance and Performance, are just a few.

With the most comprehensive maintenance program, all lifts, will at some stage need to be modernised – or even replaced entirely. Delaying modernisation too long will result in the same detrimental effects. Lift problems, such as downtime and slow operation, are obvious while others, such as high energy usage and electrical noise generation, are not.

A1 Lifts modernisation covers everything from the replacement of individual components and systems to full equipment replacement.

Symptoms of Imminent Lift Failure:

  • Long wait times
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • High energy use
  • Power quality
  • Long wait times and slow performance may be caused by a defective part, or problems may be caused by the age and overall condition of the lift.

Obsolete lift components can often be replaced with the modern equivalent. Not all common issues are as obvious as slow response times or frequent breakdowns. The most common symptoms of a lift in need of a major overhaul is an increase in service calls. As components wear with age they, require adjustments, often interfering with the operation of the lift, or rendering it unusable until repaired accordingly.

The latest drive systems not only improve ride quality but also use significantly less energy, saving you money every time you use it. A well designed and managed modernisation project has minimum impact on building users and maximum benefit making your lift accessible to all.  The correct lift modernisation will not only improve reliability but will enhance your building and will give everybody a lift.

No contract is too large or too small, your lift is as important to us as it is to you.


Why upgrade?

Is your equipment up-to-date? Are you looking to improve the current standard of your equipment’s safety, reliability, eco-efficiency and comfort of use? A1 Lifts provides various options including:

  • Improvements to save you time and money.
  • Fulfill current safety standards.
  • Increase equipment reliability.
  • Better service to the people who use your equipment.
Changes in legislation can be difficult to understand, so our service team is here to help you understand what you need to do to ensure your lift meets the required level of safety and passenger accessibility.